"Great Exhibition" promises a success of a show.
Exhibition speciality producing company ZENSIN Co., Ltd


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「Great Exhibition」The newest introduction example

Naris Cosmetics Co.,Ltd

 In addition to exhibitions, there are various events held all over Japan. To attend many exhibitions or events, it cost a lot and took much time to construct the booth every time. We resolved this problem. Pop-up series of "Great booth" contributed to the time savings and cost reductions, moreover attracting effect.


 We got a happy report "It was the most crowded show floor!" "Great booth" pop-up series 2 connection that can appeal the product using the whole, can be easily assembled.


Because "Great booth" fab frame can have strong visual appeal by the whole wall, the exhibition achieved the maximum effect. Many people flock to the booth and got a lot of media coverage.

New Execution

  • Tapestry Booth

  • Pop up

  • Favframe

  • Farbee
  • Exhibition New Item

    • Just 10 minutes enforcement time!The choice of the Great booth!

    • Amazed the exhibition industry! Ultra-cost No.1! !

    • Simple great booth decorated with many tapestry!

    • No.1 lightness! Beautiful combination also freedom!

    Producing New Item

    • Completely new LED panel "LAMD"

    • Both outside and in the stores! The Stage effects by outstanding and beautiful letter!

    • Indirect lighting that enters anywhere! LED tape light!

    Sales New Item

    • Spread suddenly! The jump out promotion!

    • Brand promotion in outdoor events!

    • Big banner!Impact is intense!